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Mother's Day Blogs 2010

Readers know Kelly Corrigan for her books, THE MIDDLE PLACE and LIFT. Here her mom, Mary Corrigan, shares what she remembers about Kelly as a writer --- and a reader.
After the wedding came….the book with the real story behind the wedding, which will be in stores next January. Here Susan and Elizabeth share some humorous behind-the-scenes stories and lively banter about the wedding, the book deal and writing together.
Authors Malena Watrous and Deborah Johnson discuss how writing made them a bit apprehensive of one another before Malena married into the family, and each gained an invaluable resource and someone who understood what it's like to write. Below: Deborah, Malena and baby Max during a recent trip to the railroad.
Growing up Yael Goldstein Love's mom, Rebecca, would enchant her with great stories. She knew that Yael loved the power of sustained make-believe, thus it came as little surprise as the daughter who loved stories crossed over from a precocious kid to a writer.   How did you as a mom feel when you learned your child wanted to write a book?
When Shirley Jump decided to stretch her wings writing a YA novel, her daughter Mandy, 16, became her perfect writing partner. Find out how they worked together and the challenges they overcame to publish THE WELL under the pen name A.J. Whitten
New York Times bestselling author Sandra Brown is also one proud mom. Her son Ryan’s first book, PLAY DEAD, will be in stores on May 4th. Read on about what they each say about the other’s writing and what they share in the experience of being writers.
New York Times bestselling author Francine Rivers and her daughter Shannon Rivers Coibion used the "divide and conquer" approach when they set about writing BIBLE STORIES FOR GROWING KIDS. What motivated them to write this type of book and what did they learn?
Mary Higgins Clark is the "Queen of Suspense," and her daughter Carol Higgins Clark is a bestselling mystery writer in her own right. So, what happens when the two of them team up to write their Christmas books? Do sparks fly? Do they write together or alone? And just how do they do the research for their plots? Here they unlock the mystery behind their teamwork.