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Valerie Frankel


Valerie Frankel

Valerie Frankel is the author of THIN IS THE NEW HAPPY and such chick lit favorites as THE ACCIDENTAL VIRGIN, THE GIRLFRIEND CURSE and HEX AND THE SINGLE GIRL. The former articles editor at Mademoiselle, Valerie has contributed to the New York Times, O, Glamour, Allure, Self, Good Housekeeping, among many other publications.

Valerie Frankel

Books by Valerie Frankel

by Valerie Frankel - Fiction, Women's Fiction

When the mothers of four Brooklyn Heights private school kids are thrown together on a school committee, they impulsively turn their first meeting into a game of poker. But instead of betting with money, they play for intimate secrets about each other’s lives.

by Valerie Frankel - Essays, Nonfiction

In the midst of a health and career crisis, Valerie Frankel uncorks years of pent-up rage, and discovers you don't have to be happy to be happy. You don’t have to love everyone else to like yourself. And that your Bitchy Twin might just be your funniest, most valuable and honest ally.