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Susan Fraser King


Susan Fraser King

SUSAN FRASER KING is a multi-published, bestselling, award-winning author and a former art history lecturer. She holds a B.A. in art and an M.A. and most of a Ph.D. in art history, with postgraduate work in medieval studies. Her books are widely praised for historical detail and a lyrical writing style, and she has won multiple honors and awards for her novels w/a Susan King and Sarah Gabriel. Queen Hereafter, is Susan's latest novel. Lady Macbeth: A Novel (Crown Publishing, February 2008) was her first hardcover mainstream novel. Susan visits Scotland as often as possible for research and relaxation, and lives in Maryland with her family.

Susan Fraser King

Books by Susan Fraser King

by Susan Fraser King - Fiction, Historical Fiction

Shipwrecked on the Scottish coast, Margaret of Scotland and her family ask for sanctuary from the warrior-king Malcolm Canmore. A foreign queen in a strange land, Margaret adapts to life among the barbarian Scots, forging unexpected friendships and trying to fulfill her destiny.

by Susan Fraser King - Historical Fiction

Determined to protect her small son and a proud legacy of warrior kings and strong women, Rue invokes the ancient wisdom and secret practices of her female ancestors as she strives to hold her own in a warrior society. Finally, side by side as the last Celtic king and queen of Scotland, she and Macbeth must face the gathering storm brought on by their combined destiny.