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Robert Wilson


Robert Wilson

Robert Wilson

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by Robert Wilson - Biography, History, Nonfiction, Performing Arts

Robert Wilson, editor of THE AMERICAN SCHOLAR, tells a gripping story in BARNUM, one that’s imbued with the same buoyant spirit as the man himself. Wilson adeptly makes the case for P. T. Barnum’s place among the icons of American history, as a figure who represented, and indeed created, a distinctly American sense of optimism, industriousness humor and relentless energy.

by Robert Wilson - Thriller


When Indian tycoon Frank D’Cruz hires Charles Boxer to find his daughter who has been abducted, Boxer knows Frank’s crooked business empire has made him plenty of enemies. Despite the vast D’Cruz fortune, the kidnappers don’t want cash, instead favoring a cruel and lethal game. To save Alyshia, Boxer must dodge religious fanatics, Indian mobsters, and London’s homegrown crime lords.