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Raymond Khoury


Raymond Khoury

Raymond Khoury moved to Rye, New York, from his native Lebanon at the outbreak of the civil war there in 1975. After graduating from Rye Country Day School, he returned to Lebanon to study architecture at the American University of Beirut. During his years there, in between repeated flare-ups of fighting, he illustrated several children's books for Oxford University Press's Middle East office. Khoury completed his degree just as the civil war erupted again, and was evacuated out from the city in February, 1984, by the Marine Corp's 22nd Amphibious Unit on board a Chinook helicopter.

Khoury moved to London and joined a small architecture practice. The architecture scene in the mid-'80s throughout much of Europe was going through a severe downturn, and the work was far from fulfilling. He decided to explore other career options and applied to the European Institute of Business Administration (INSEAD) in Fontainebleau, France. After graduating from its MBA program, he moved back to London where he joined Banque Paribas Capital Markets, selling gold-linked convertibles and other far less exotic financial instruments.

He left the world of investment banking to return to his creative roots. During a visit to the Bahamas to explore a real-estate opportunity there, he met a Wall Street banker who dabbled in the film business, developing screenplays with writers in Hollywood. Khoury bounced an idea off the banker, the idea stuck, and they agreed to develop it into a screenplay by hiring a professional screenwriter. Several conference calls later, the outlines coming back from Los Angeles weren't quite what Khoury had in mind. He decided to write an outline himself, to give the screenwriter a clearer picture of how he saw the movie. Upon receiving the outline, Khoury's partner called him up and told him, "Our man in L.A. isn't going to write this movie for us. You are. You're a writer."

Khoury wrote the screenplay, which was shortlisted for a Fulbright Fellowship in Screenwriting award that year. His next screenplay, a semi-autobiographical screenplay about his college years during the civil war, was also shortlisted for the award a year later. In 1996, he optioned the film rights to Melvyn Bragg's novel, THE MAID OF BUTTERMERE, writing the screenplay adaptation himself while completing an original screenplay, THE LAST TEMPLAR. THE MAID OF BUTTERMERE found its way to Robert DeNiro, who shortly after announced in Variety that he would be producing it and playing the lead role of Colonel Hope.

Since then, Khoury has been working as a screenwriter and producer both in London and in Los Angeles. Since the release of his international bestseller THE LAST TEMPLAR and completing work on the BBC hit show "Spooks," known as "MI:5: in the US, and the Emmy-award winning BBC series "Waking The Dead," he is now concentrating on his novels.

Books by Raymond Khoury

by Raymond Khoury - Fiction, Mystery, Thriller

Istanbul, 1683: Mehmed IV, sultan of the Ottoman Empire, is preparing to lay siege to Vienna, capital of the Holy Roman Empire, when a mysterious visitor arrives in his bedroom --- naked, covered in strange tattoos --- to deliver a dangerous, world-changing message.  Paris, 2017: Ottoman flags have been flying over the great city for three hundred years, ever since its fall --- along with all of Europe --- to the empire’s all-conquering army. Notre Dame has been renamed the Fatih Mosque. Public spaces are segregated by gender. And Kamal Arslan Agha, a feted officer in the sultan’s secret police, is starting to question his orders.

by Raymond Khoury - Fiction, Suspense, Thriller

In THE END GAME, which is being published exclusively as a Kindle eBook, New York Times bestselling author Raymond Khoury brings back FBI Special Agent Sean Reilly and archaeologist/novelist Tess Chaykin for another blistering thriller in their series. This time out, the man known simply as Reed Corrigan is pursuing a brutal end game that could cost Reilly and those he loves most their lives.

by Raymond Khoury - Fiction, Historical Fiction, Historical Thriller, Suspense, Thriller

FBI Agent Sean Reilly finds himself teamed with Russian Federal Security Service agent Larisa Tchoumitcheva to discover why a Russian embassy attaché has apparently committed suicide and a retired Russian physics professor living in Queens has vanished, all of which leads to a small device that could change the world in a deadly way.

by Raymond Khoury - Fiction, Suspense, Thriller

In Raymond Khoury's Templar novels, FBI agent Sean Reilly and his girlfriend, archaeologist Tess Chaykin, traveled the globe to unravel ancient mysteries with present-day ramifications. In THE DEVIL'S ELIXIR, they find themselves in a race --- against the clock, against drug kingpins, and even against the DEA --- to merge two divergent trails: one several hundred years old, the other as current as a heartbeat, which together may lead humanity to the brink of annihilation.

by Raymond Khoury - Fiction, Suspense

From the stunning first scene to the startling climax, Khoury weaves a breathlessly compelling tale that will delight thriller fans and history buffs alike