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Luanne Rice


Luanne Rice

Luanne Rice is the New York Times bestselling author of 32 novels that have been translated into 24 languages. Her new novel, THE SECRET LANGUAGE OF SISTERS, is her first YA book, out from Scholastic on February 23, 2016. She is very excited about this fact and yes: she and her sisters really did have a secret language. Rice’s books often center on love, family, nature and the sea. In 2002, Connecticut College awarded Rice an honorary degree and invited her to donate her papers to the college's Special Collections Library. She has also received an honorary doctorate of humane letters from St. Joseph College (her mothers alma mater) 's West Hartford, Conn. In June 2014, she received the 2014 Connecticut Governor’s Arts Award in the Literary Arts category for excellence and lifetime achievement as a literary artist and was honored to share the stage with brilliant artist Tim Prentice and legendary actor Christopher Plummer. (Yes. Captain Von Trapp.  Also great Shakespearean actor. That Christopher Plummer.)

Several of Rice's novels have been adapted for television, including CRAZY IN LOVE for TNT, BLUE MOON for CBS, FOLLOW THE STARS HOME and SILVER BELLS for the Hallmark Hall of Fame, and BEACH GIRLS for a mini-series on Lifetime. Rice contributed a monologue to Motherhood Out Loud, a play that premiered at Hartford Stage Company and was performed Off-Broadway and at the Geffen Playhouse in Los Angeles.

Rice is an avid environmentalist and advocate for families affected by domestic violence. Born in New Britain, Connecticut, Rice divides her time between the Connecticut shoreline and Southern California.

Luanne Rice

Books by Luanne Rice

by Luanne Rice - Fiction, Young Adult 12+

When Ruth Ann (Roo) McCabe responds to a text message while she's driving, her life as she knows it ends. The car flips, and Roo winds up in a hospital bed, paralyzed. Everyone thinks she's in a coma, but Roo has locked-in syndrome --- she can see, hear and understand everything around her, but no one knows it. Mathilda (Tilly) is Roo's sister and best friend. She was the one who texted Roo and inadvertently caused the accident. Now, Tilly must grapple with her overwhelming guilt and her growing feelings for Roo's boyfriend, Newton --- the only other person who seems to get what Tilly is going through.

by Luanne Rice - Fiction, Romance

Julia’s life has been turned upside down by her daughter’s death. While she expects to find nothing more than peace and solitude as she house-sits, she finds herself drawn to the handsome man who oversees the lemon orchard. Roberto reveals to Julia the heartbreaking story of his own loss --- yet, unlike Julia, his daughter was lost but never found. Despite the odds, cannot bear to give up hope.

by Luanne Rice - Fiction

Clare Burke's life took a devastating turn when she tried to protect her sister, Anne, from an abusive and controlling husband and ended up serving prison time for assault. The verdict largely hinged on Anne's defense of her spouse, and the sisters have been estranged ever since. Nearly 20 years later, Clare’s niece turns up on her doorstep. The two long for a relationship with each other, but they’ll have to dig deep into their family’s difficult past in order to build one.

by Luanne Rice - Fiction

This is a heart-warming yet heart-wrenching portrait of three far-flung sisters who come home to Martha's Vineyard one last time.