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Jerrold Fine


Jerrold Fine

Jerrold Fine was a pioneer in the hedge fund industry. At age 24, along with two Wharton colleagues, he started one of the first hedge funds in 1967. Nine years later, he founded a private investment firm which he managed until he converted it into a family office in 2014. Throughout these years, he survived and thrived during a multitude of market ups and downs. When the character Rogers Stout entered his consciousness and refused to leave, he launched his career as a novelist.

A graduate of the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania, he has served multiple terms on its Undergraduate Executive Board and Board of Overseers. Running his family’s investments, Jerry has conveniently forgotten his baseball batting averages but still relishes memories of winning poker hands. He lives in Connecticut with his artist wife and a ridiculously spoiled Portuguese Water Dog.

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Jerrold Fine

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by Jerrold Fine - Fiction

Rogers Stout has the gambler’s gifts --- a titanic brain, an uncanny ability to read people, and a risk-taker’s daring. As an apathetic high school student who loves baseball but lacks a 90-mph fastball, he knows that the game does not begin until the ball leaves the pitcher’s hand. But his life needs direction. Everything changes the summer he is invited into the boisterous environment of an investment bank’s trading room, and to a gambling hall dive where he immediately wins big at poker, capturing the attention of his co-workers with his card-playing skills.