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J.D. Rhoades


J.D. Rhoades

Born and raised in North Carolina, J.D. Rhoades has worked as a radio news reporter, club DJ, television cameraman, ad salesman, waiter, attorney and newspaper columnist. His weekly column in North Carolina’s The Pilot was twice named best column of the year in its division. He is the author of five novels in his acclaimed Jack Keller series: THE DEVIL'S RIGHT HAND, GOOD DAY IN HELL, SAFE AND SOUND, DEVIL AND DUST, ICE CHEST, BREAKING COVER and BROKEN SHIELD. He lives, writes and practices law in Carthage, NC.

J.D. Rhoades

Books by J.D. Rhoades

by J.D. Rhoades - Fiction

Jack Keller’s violent past is very much with him these days, despite his efforts to leave it behind. He’s back in rural North Carolina, looking for steady work, and trying to establish a relationship with Francis, the son he never knew. But the boy’s heard too much about Keller, particularly from Ben Jones, his half-brother and the son of Marie, the woman Keller loves. Ben’s alienated, angry, and headed for trouble, and Keller’s living with the guilt of knowing that much of Ben’s turmoil stems from that fateful day of blood and madness on a burning mountainside when Keller saved Ben’s life and that of his mother. But it came at a terrible price.

by J.D. Rhoades - Fiction, Suspense, Thriller

Years ago, the Jakes brothers were found in a trailer where they’d been left by their mother. One found a happy home. The older son never did, but he always dreamed of the day when they would be together again. Thirteen years later, big brother appears, and he’s determined to reunite the family, even if he has to do it by kidnapping his younger brother. Their mother is in New Orleans, and she’s in trouble. Her sons are coming to the rescue, even if one of them is doing it at gunpoint. But things are rapidly spinning out of control in New Orleans. The Jakes boys, the disgraced former sheriff trying to chase them down, and an ambitious Louisiana deputy investigating the mother are in for far more danger than any of them bargained for.

by J.D. Rhoades - Adventure, Fiction, Suspense, Thriller

Clarissa Cartwright is about to take the stage wearing a fortune in jewels. In the wings, a motley crew of bumbling crooks is scheming to make off with the biggest heist of their careers: five and a half million dollars in precious stones. When the robbers find themselves pursued by both the intimidating ex-cop tasked with protecting the world’s most valuable piece of lingerie and Clarissa's insanely jealous and mobbed-up ex-boyfriend, things get ugly. Especially when Clarissa decides she's had quite enough of being an object and resolves to turn the tables on both the crooks and the fashion world.