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Andrea Barrett


Andrea Barrett

Andrea Barrett is the author of THE AIR WE BREATHE, SERVANTS OF THE MAP (finalist for the Pulitzer Prize), THE VOYAGE OF THE NARWHAL, SHIP FEVER (winner of the National Book Award), and other books. She teaches at Williams College and lives in northwestern Massachusetts.

Andrea Barrett

Books by Andrea Barrett

by Andrea Barrett - Fiction, Short Stories

Andrea Barrett, winner of the National Book Award for her collection of stories SHIP FEVER, unfolds five pivotal moments in the lives of her characters and in the history of knowledge. She explores the thrill and sense of loss that come with scientific progress, and the personal passions and impersonal politics that shape all human knowledge.

by Andrea Barrett - Fiction

In the fall of 1916, America prepares for war—but in the community of Tamarack Lake, the focus is on the sick. Wealthy tubercular patients live in private cure cottages; charity patients, mainly immigrants, fill the large public sanatorium.  But when the well-meaning efforts of one enterprising patient lead to a tragic accident and a terrible betrayal, the war comes home.