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A. E. Hotchner


A. E. Hotchner

A. E. Hotchner is the author of the international bestsellers PAPA HEMINGWAY, DORIS DAY: Her Own Story, SOPHIA, and his own memoir, KING OF THE HILL. He has adapted many of Hemingway's works for the screen, and he is the founder, with Paul Newman, of Newman's Own.

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A. E. Hotchner

Books by A. E. Hotchner

by A. E. Hotchner - Fiction, Historical Fiction

Twelve-year-old Aaron Broom is protecting his father’s car from repossession when he witnesses a jewelry store robbery gone wrong. To Aaron’s shock, his father, a struggling salesman in the wrong place at the wrong time, is fingered as the prime suspect in the murder. Aaron --- precocious, plucky, not a little naïve --- must seek out gangsters, diamond dealers, bootleggers and street kids in order to prove his father’s innocence. In his search for justice, Aaron draws upon the resources of a world-weary paperboy, an aspiring teen journalist and a kindly lawyer. As they dig into the details of the case, these unconventional detectives reveal a cover-up that goes much deeper than a jewelry-store heist gone sour.

by A. E. Hotchner - Memoir, Nonfiction

In June of 1961, A.E. Hotchner visited an old friend in the psychiatric ward of St. Mary's Hospital. It would be the last time they spoke: a few weeks later, Ernest Hemingway took his own life. Their final conversation was also the final installment in a story whose telling Hemingway had spread over nearly a decade. In characteristically pragmatic terms, Hemingway divulged to Hotchner the details of the affair that destroyed his first marriage: the truth of his romantic life in Paris, the real part of each literary woman he'd later create. And he told of the mischief that made him a legend: of impotence cured in a house of God; of a plane crash in the African bush; of F. Scott Fitzgerald dispensing romantic advice; of midnight champagne with Josephine Baker; of adventure, human error, and life after lost love.