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Holiday Blogs 2010

Today’s guest blogger is Raymond Khoury, the New York Times bestselling author of THE LAST TEMPLAR
Mary Jane Clark, the author of several highly addictive whodunits --- including TO HAVE AND TO KILL
December 15, 2010

Stephanie O’Dea on Making a Difference

Posted by Anonymous
Stephanie O’Dea is an award-winning blogger, a bestselling author and a busy mom of three, whose next cookbook ---
Holly McQueen --- author of FABULOUSLY FASHIONABLE
December 13, 2010

M.L. Malcolm on Fake Trees and Real Writers

Posted by Anonymous
December 12, 2010

C.J. Box: Christmas Uncles

Posted by Anonymous
December 11, 2010

Margaret George: The Ebenezer Scrooge Fan Club

Posted by Anonymous
A self-described rolling-stone, Margaret George is the author of several historical novels that have sold around the world --- the latest of which, ELIZABETH I
December 10, 2010

Wade Rouse: Father Christmas

Posted by Anonymous
Wade Rouse is the bestselling and critically acclaimed author of the memoirs AMERICA’S BOY
December 9, 2010

Elizabeth Rosner: Books That Saved Me

Posted by Anonymous
Elizabeth Rosner is an award-winning poet and the author of two bestselling novels, the most recent of which ---
Kelly Simmons is a former journalist and the author of STANDING STILL<