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Curious about what books will be released in the months ahead so you can pre-order or reserve them? Then click on the months below.

Please note we have not included every book that is coming out, but rather some that caught our eye --- and that we thought should catch yours as well.

October 2020


Vicksburg: Grant's Campaign That Broke the Confederacy by Donald L. Miller - History, Nonfiction

Simon & Schuster | 9781451641394 | Published October 20, 2020

Vicksburg, Mississippi, was the last stronghold of the Confederacy on the Mississippi River. It prevented the Union from using the river for shipping between the Union-controlled Midwest and New Orleans and the Gulf of Mexico. The Union navy tried to take Vicksburg, which sat on a high bluff overlooking the river, but couldn’t do it. General Grant moved his army south and joined forces with Admiral Porter, but even together they could not come up with a successful plan. At one point, Grant even tried to build a canal so that the river could be diverted away from Vicksburg. In VICKSBURG, Donald L. Miller tells the full story of this year-long campaign to win the city.

Wrecked: A Faye Longchamp Mystery by Mary Anna Evans - Fiction, Mystery

Poisoned Pen Press | 9781464214028 | Published October 20, 2020

The suspicious drowning death of Captain Edward Eubank breaks archaeologist Faye Longchamp's heart. It also confuses her, because he was found in scuba gear and she's never heard him even mention scuba diving. During their last conversation, he told her that he believed he'd found a storied shipwreck, but when Faye checks it out, she finds nothing there. If there's no treasure, then why is her friend dead? But the situation quickly escalates beyond a murder mystery. Surrounded by a community struggling in the aftermath of a major hurricane that has changed the very landscape, Faye grapples not only with the loss of her friend, but with her fears for her daughter, who is being romanced by a man who may be very dangerous.

Crazy Stupid Bromance by Lyssa Kay Adams - Comedy, Fiction, Romance, Women's Fiction

Berkley | 9781984806130 | Published October 27, 2020

Alexis Carlisle and her cat café, ToeBeans, have shot to fame after she came forward as a victim of a celebrity chef’s sexual harassment. When a new customer approaches to confide in her, the last thing Alexis expects is for the woman to claim they’re sisters. Unsure what to do, Alexis turns to the only man she trusts --- her best friend, Noah Logan. Computer genius Noah left his rebellious teenage hacker past behind to become a computer security expert. Now he only uses his old skills for the right cause. But Noah has a secret: He’s madly in love with Alexis. When she asks for his help, he wonders if the timing will ever be right to confess his crush.

Creatures by Crissy Van Meter - Fiction

Algonquin Books | 9781643750835 | Published October 27, 2020

On the eve of Evangeline’s wedding on Winter Island, the groom may be lost at sea, a dead whale is trapped in the harbor, and Evie’s mostly absent mother has shown up out of the blue. From there, the narrative flows back and forth through time as Evie reckons with her complicated upbringing --- a weed-dealing, charming but neglectful father, a wild-child best friend --- in this lush land off the coast of Southern California.

House of Correction by Nicci French - Fiction, Psychological Suspense, Psychological Thriller, Suspense, Thriller

William Morrow Paperbacks | 9780063021358 | Published October 27, 2020

When a body is discovered in Okeham, England, Tabitha is shocked to find herself being placed in handcuffs. She’d only recently moved back to her childhood hometown, not even getting a chance to reacquaint herself with the neighbors. How could she possibly be a murder suspect? As Tabitha is shepherded through the system, her entire life is picked apart and scrutinized. But most unsettling, her own memories of that day are a complete blur. From the isolation of the correctional facility, Tabitha dissects every piece of evidence, every testimony she can get her hands on, matching them against her own recollections. But as dark, long-buried memories from her childhood come to light, Tabitha begins to question if she knows what kind of person she is after all. 

Just Watch Me by Jeff Lindsay - Fiction, Suspense, Thriller

Dutton | 9781524743956 | Published October 27, 2020

Riley Wolfe is a master thief who targets the wealthiest 0.1 percent and is willing to kill them when they’re in his way. In JUST WATCH ME, Riley aims for an extraordinary target in a heist that will make history. He will try to steal the Crown Jewels of Iran. Yes, these jewels are worth billions, but the true attraction for grabbing them comes down to one simple fact: it can’t be done. No one could even think of getting past the airtight security and hope to get away alive, let alone with even a single diamond from the Imperial Collection. No one but Riley Wolfe. He’s always liked a challenge. But this challenge may be more than even he can handle. Aside from the impenetrable security, Riley is also pursued by a brilliant and relentless cop who is barely a step behind him.

Me by Elton John - Autobiography, Music, Nonfiction

St. Martin's Griffin | 9781250770288 | Published October 27, 2020

Christened Reginald Dwight, he was a shy boy with Buddy Holly glasses who grew up in the London suburb of Pinner and dreamed of becoming a pop star. By the age of 23, he was performing his first gig in America, facing an astonished audience in his bright yellow dungarees, a star-spangled T-shirt and boots with wings. Elton John had arrived, and the music world would never be the same again. His life has been full of drama, from the early rejection of his work with song-writing partner Bernie Taupin to spinning out of control as a chart-topping superstar; from half-heartedly trying to drown himself in his LA swimming pool to disco-dancing with Princess Diana and Queen Elizabeth. All the while, Elton was hiding a drug addiction that would grip him for over a decade.

The Forgotten Daughter by Joanna Goodman - Fiction, Women's Fiction

Harper Paperbacks | 9780062998316 | Published October 27, 2020

1992: French-Canadian factions renew Quebec’s fight to gain independence, and wild, beautiful Véronique Fortin, daughter of a radical separatist convicted of kidnapping and murdering a prominent politician in 1970, has embraced her father’s cause. So it is a surprise when she falls for James Phénix, a journalist of French-Canadian heritage who opposes Quebec separatism. At the same time, James’ older sister, Elodie Phénix, one of the Duplessis Orphans, becomes involved with a coalition demanding justice and reparations for their suffering in the 1950s when Quebec’s orphanages were converted to mental hospitals, a heinous political act of Premier Maurice Duplessis that affected 5,000 children.

The House of Brides by Jane Cockram - Fiction, Psychological Suspense, Psychological Thriller, Suspense, Thriller

Harper Paperbacks | 9780062939302 | Published October 27, 2020

Miranda receives a mysterious letter from a young cousin in England that plunges her into a dark family mystery. Her mother, Tessa, died when Miranda was a child. The young woman’s only connection to the Summers family is through Tessa’s famous book, The House of Brides --- a chronicle of the generations of women who married into the infamous Summers family and made their home in the rambling Barnsley House, the family’s estate. The house’s current “bride” is the beautiful, effervescent Daphne, who saved Barnsley from ruin, turning the estate into an exclusive culinary destination and hotel. Curious about this legendary family she has never met, Miranda arrives at Barnsley posing as a prospective nanny. But Barnsley is not what Miranda expected. What happened in this house? Where is Daphne? What darkness lies hidden in Barnsley?

The Queens of Animation: The Untold Story of the Women Who Transformed the World of Disney and Made Cinematic History by Nathalia Holt - Biography, History, Nonfiction

Back Bay Books | 9780316439145 | Published October 27, 2020

From Snow White to Moana, from Pinocchio to Frozen, the animated films of Walt Disney Studios have moved and entertained millions. But few fans know that behind these groundbreaking features was an incredibly influential group of women who fought for respect in an often ruthless male-dominated industry and who have slipped under the radar for decades. In THE QUEENS OF ANIMATION, bestselling author Nathalia Holt tells their dramatic stories for the first time, showing how these women infiltrated the boys' club of Disney's story and animation departments and used early technologies to create the rich artwork and unforgettable narratives that have become part of the American canon.

Treacherous Strand: An Inishowen Mystery by Andrea Carter - Fiction, Mystery

Oceanview Publishing | 9781608093984 | Published October 27, 2020

A woman’s body washes up on a remote beach on the Inishowen Peninsula. She is identified as Marguerite Etienne, a French woman who has been living in the area. When local sergeant Tom Molloy dismisses Marguerite’s death as the suicide of a disturbed and lonely woman, solicitor Ben (Benedicta) O’Keeffe cannot let it lie. Disturbed by what appears to be chilling local indifference to Marguerite’s death, Ben pieces together the last few weeks of the French woman’s life in Inishowen. What she discovers causes her to question the fragile nature of her own position in the area, and she finds herself crossing boundaries --- both personal and professional --- to unearth local secrets long buried.

Mass Market Paperback

A Mrs. Miracle Christmas by Debbie Macomber - Fiction, Women's Fiction

Ballantine Books | 9780399181412 | Published October 13, 2020

Laurel McCullough and her husband, Zach, have been praying for a baby that seems more and more like an impossible dream, and they’ve had to move in with her beloved grandmother, Helen, who’s having trouble taking care of herself. But when Laurel contacts a local home-care organization for help, there are no caregivers available. Then Mrs. Miracle appears at the door. No stranger to lending a helping hand to a family in need, Mrs. Miracle reveals herself to be nothing short of a godsend. Laurel can’t help but notice that with Mrs. Miracle’s companionship, Helen is noticeably happier and more engaged. In the meantime, Laurel and Zach encounter curious signs, all pointing toward the arrival of a special baby.

Hindsight by Iris Johansen and Roy Johansen - Fiction, Mystery, Suspense, Thriller

Grand Central Publishing | 9781538762905 | Published October 13, 2020

Dr. Kendra Michaels, blind for the first 20 years of her life before gaining her sight via a revolutionary surgical procedure, is a renowned investigator known for her razor-sharp senses --- honed during her years in the dark --- and keen deductive abilities. Now her skills are needed uncomfortably close to home. Two staff members have been murdered at a school for the blind where Kendra spent her formative years. But the murders are puzzlingly dissimilar: one victim was brutally stabbed, while the other was killed by a bullet to the head. Are the crimes related? Or is Kendra on the hunt for more than one dangerous killer?

Hunter Killer: A Pike Logan Novel by Brad Taylor - Adventure, Fiction, Suspense, Thriller

William Morrow | 9780062886033 | Published October 13, 2020

While Pike Logan and Jennifer Cahill prepare to join their team on a counter-terrorist mission in the triple frontier --- the lawless tri-border region where Argentina, Brazil and Paraguay meet --- they are targeted in Charleston, South Carolina. A vicious explosion kills a friend, and the perpetrators have set it up to look like an accident. While the authorities believe this was not foul play, Pike knows the attack was meant for him. When he loses contact with the team in South America, Pike is convinced that he and the Taskforce are under assault. Pike and Jennifer head to Brazil to investigate their disappearance and run headlong into a crew of Russian assassins. Within days they are entangled in a byzantine scheme involving Brazilian politics and a cut-throat battle for control of offshore oil fields.

Robert B. Parker's Angel Eyes: A Spenser Novel by Ace Atkins - Fiction, Mystery

G.P. Putnam's Sons | 9780525536833 | Published October 13, 2020

Gabby Leggett left her Boston family with dreams of making it big as a model/actress in Hollywood. Two years later, she disappears from her apartment. Her family, former boyfriend, friends --- and the police --- have no idea where she is and no leads. Leggett's mother hires Spenser to find her, with help from his former apprentice, Zebulon Sixkill, now an L.A. private eye. Spenser barely has time to unpack before the trail leads to a powerful movie studio boss, the Armenian mob, and a shadowy empowerment group some say might be a dangerous cult. It's soon clear that Spenser and Sixkill may be outgunned this time, and series favorites Chollo and Bobby Horse ride to the rescue to provide backup.

Spy by Danielle Steel - Fiction, Historical Fiction, Women's Fiction

Dell | 9780399179464 | Published October 13, 2020

At 18, Alexandra Wickham is presented to King George V and Queen Mary in an exquisite white lace and satin dress her mother has ordered from Paris. With her delicate blond looks, she is a stunning beauty who seems destined for a privileged life. But fate, a world war and her own quietly rebellious personality lead her down a different path. SPY follows Alex’s extraordinary adventures in World War II and afterward in India, Pakistan, Morocco, Hong Kong, Moscow and Washington, D.C., when her husband, Richard, enters the foreign service and both become witnesses to a rapidly changing world from post-war to Cold War. She lives life on the edge, with a secret she must always keep hidden.

Tom Clancy Code of Honor: A Jack Ryan Novel by Marc Cameron - Adventure, Fiction, Suspense, Thriller

Berkley | 9780525541738 | Published October 13, 2020

Father Pat West, S.J. was a buddy of the young Jack Ryan when they were both undergraduates at Boston College. Father West left a comfortable job in the philosophy department at Georgetown to work with the poor in Indonesia. Now he's been arrested and accused of blasphemy against Islam. President Ryan is desperate to rescue his old friend, but he can't move officially against the Indonesians. Instead he relies on the Campus team to find out who is framing the priest. There's one other twist to the story. President Ryan discovers a text on his private cell phone from the priest warning about a coming attack against America.

A Reasonable Doubt: A Robin Lockwood Novel by Phillip Margolin - Fiction, Mystery, Suspense, Thriller

St. Martin's Paperbacks | 9781250118882 | Published October 27, 2020

Criminal defense attorney and former MMA fighter Robin Lockwood does not believe in magic. Behind every good illusion is a good explanation --- unless you consider the work of Robert Chesterfield, that is. One of her firm’s former clients, Chesterfield is a career magician who was linked to a series of suspicious deaths. Even though he walked free, Robin can’t help but wonder if he was as innocent as he appeared. Now, decades later, the mystery surrounding Chesterfield has taken a dark turn. When he stages his greatest-ever trick, called the Chamber of Death, Chesterfield himself turns up dead at the end. With dozens of witnesses --- and no one with any idea of how it was orchestrated --- Robin finds herself at loose ends as she tries to untangle this twisted case…and learn the truth about Chesterfield, once and for all.

Blind Search: A Mercy Carr Mystery by Paula Munier - Fiction, Mystery

Minotaur Books | 9781250766373 | Published October 27, 2020

Nine-year-old Henry is lost in the woods. Again. Only this time he sees something terrible. When a young woman is found shot through the heart with a fatal arrow, former Army MP Mercy Carr thinks that something is murder. But Henry, a math genius whose autism often silences him when he should speak up most, is not talking. Now there’s a murderer hiding among the hunters in the forest --- and Mercy and her retired bomb-sniffing dog, Elvis, must team up with their crime-solving friends, game warden Troy Warner and search-and-rescue dog Susie Bear, to find the killer. When an early-season blizzard hits the mountains, cutting them off from the rest of the world, the race is on to solve the crime, apprehend the murderer and keep the boy safe until the snowplows get through.

Critical Point: A Cas Russell Novel by S. L. Huang - Fiction, Science Fiction, Suspense, Thriller

Tor Books | 9781250749918 | Published October 27, 2020

Math-genius mercenary Cas Russell has stopped a shadow organization from brainwashing the world, and discovered that her past was deliberately erased and her superhuman abilities deliberately created. And that's just the start. When a demolitions expert targets Cas and her friends, and the hidden conspiracy behind Cas' past starts to reappear, the past, present and future collide in a race to save one of her dearest friends.

Deep State by Chris Hauty - Fiction, Political Thriller, Suspense, Thriller

Pocket Books | 9781982126599 | Published October 27, 2020

Recently elected President Richard Monroe --- populist, controversial and divisive --- is at the center of an increasingly polarized Washington, DC. Never has the partisan drama been so tense or the paranoia so rampant. In the midst of contentious political turf wars, the White House chief of staff is found dead in his house and West Wing intern and ex-Army grunt Hayley Chill is positive that it’s not from natural causes. Determined to find the truth, Hayley uncovers shocking evidence that a wide-ranging conspiracy is running beneath the surface of DC in an effort to undermine the rule of law --- and democracy itself. Soon, Hayley is in a race against time to reveal the truth and save the life of the next victim: the president.

Let It Snow by Nancy Thayer - Fiction, Romance, Women's Fiction

Ballantine Books | 9780593159637 | Published October 27, 2020

Christina Antonioni is preparing for the holidays at her Nantucket toy shop, unpacking last-minute shipments and decorating for her loyal Christmas shoppers. But when her Scrooge of a landlord, Oscar Bittlesman, raises her rent, it seems nearly impossible for Christina to continue business on the wharf. Even so, Christina hopes there is a warm heart underneath Oscar’s steely exterior. When she bonds with Wink, his sweet, young granddaughter who frequents the shop, it becomes clear that perhaps he isn’t so cold after all. And with the help of Wink’s uncle, who happens to be a charming and very handsome bachelor, this may be the best Christmas any of them could have ever imagined.

Murder, She Wrote: The Murder of Twelve by Jessica Fletcher and Jon Land - Fiction, Mystery

Berkley | 9781984804341 | Published October 27, 2020

Still staying at the Hill House hotel while her beloved home is being rebuilt, Jessica Fletcher finds herself sharing the space for a weekend with a dozen members of a wedding party who have gathered there for a rehearsal dinner. The families of the bride and groom can't stand each other but have agreed to put aside years of long-simmering tension to celebrate the nuptials. Unfortunately, weather forecasters underestimated the severity of a storm that turns into a historic blizzard that dumps nearly five feet of snow on Cabot Cove, leaving everyone stranded. But the hotel guests have bigger things to worry about than bad weather conditions, because a murderer has shown up uninvited --- one who has vowed to take them down one by one.

The Museum of Desire: An Alex Delaware Novel by Jonathan Kellerman - Fiction, Psychological Suspense, Psychological Thriller, Suspense, Thriller

Ballantine Books | 9780525618546 | Published October 27, 2020

LAPD Lieutenant Milo Sturgis has solved a lot of murder cases. On many of them --- the ones he calls “different” --- he taps the brain of brilliant psychologist Dr. Alex Delaware. But neither Alex nor Milo are prepared for what they find on an early morning call to a deserted mansion in Bel Air. This is predation, premeditation and cruelty on a whole new level. Four people have been slaughtered and left displayed bizarrely and horrifically in a stretch limousine. Confounding the investigation, none of the victims seems to have any connection to any other, and a variety of methods have been used to dispatch them. As Alex and Milo make their way through blind alleys and mazes baited with misdirection, they encounter a crime so vicious that it stretches the definitions of evil.