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Author News & Interviews

Interview: Matt Coyle, author of Last Redemption: A Rick Cahill Novel

Dec 1, 2021

Matt Coyle, whose books are set in contemporary San Diego, has revived the Raymond Chandler hard-boiled PI model. His protagonist, Rick Cahill, finally has reached a pinnacle. He’s engaged to Leah Landingham, and they’re expecting their first child. And he has developed skills as a computer investigator for wealthy clients who need corporate background verification. Yet LAST REDEMPTION is an ambitious undertaking that stretches the limits of his traditional investigative skills. In this interview, Coyle chats with’s Dean Murphy about the challenges he faces while writing, what he hopes readers learn from the series, and Rick’s complicated friendship with Moira MacFarlane.

Interview: Erin Kelly, author of Watch Her Fall

Dec 1, 2021

Sunday Times bestselling author Erin Kelly, whose books have been translated into 25 languages, ascends the throne as the Queen of Psychological Suspense with her eighth novel, WATCH HER FALL. Her million-copy pole-vault crossbar is sure to rise given the US release, which has had additional printings to accommodate market demand. In this interview, Kelly chats with’s Dean Murphy about her astounding thrillers, what she has in store for us next, and a typical day in her writing life.

Interview: Dirk Cussler, author of Clive Cussler's The Devil's Sea: A Dirk Pitt Novel

Nov 19, 2021

THE DEVIL’S SEA is the 26th novel starring National Underwater and Marine Agency Director Dirk Pitt and the first written solely by Dirk Cussler, who worked with his father, the late great Clive Cussler, on eight previous adventures in the series. In this interview conducted by Michael Barson, Senior Publicity Executive at Melville House (and Clive’s former publicist), Dirk talks about collaborating with his dad on these books and how the writing process has changed, if at all, now that he is doing 100% of the writing. He also touches on the plot of this latest thriller and if it has any connection to his own real-life NUMA explorations; reveals his all-time favorite novelist, who happened to be a major influence on his father; and offers his thoughts on Dirk Pitt possibly resurfacing in a film or miniseries.

Interview: Robert J. Lloyd, author of The Bloodless Boy

Nov 4, 2021

THE BLOODLESS BOY, Robert J. Lloyd’s debut novel, is a powerfully atmospheric recreation of the darkest corners of Restoration London, where the Court and the underworld seem to merge, even as the light of scientific inquiry is starting to emerge. In this interview conducted by Michael Barson, Senior Publicity Executive at Melville House, Lloyd talks about the books he read as a child that fueled his desire to become an author and the work of fiction that inspired him to write THE BLOODLESS BOY; which historical figure from the novel became an unexpected favorite of his; why he included an 11-page bibliography at the end of the book; and how this version of the novel differs from the one he self-published several years ago.

Interview: Philip Kaplan , author of Night in Tehran

Oct 27, 2021

Ambassador Philip Kaplan had a 27-year career as a diplomat in the U.S. Foreign Service, which included being U.S. minister, deputy chief of mission and Charge d’Affaires to the U.S. Embassy in Manila, Philippines, during the tumultuous overthrow of Ferdinand Marcos. His debut novel, NIGHT IN TEHRAN (which is now available in paperback), is a taut thriller about one American diplomat’s year of living dangerously in Tehran in the days leading up to the Iranian Revolution.

In this interview conducted by Michael Barson, Senior Publicity Executive at Melville House, Ambassador Kaplan talks about his decision to enter the diplomatic service, instances in his career when he had to convince foreign diplomats that certain U.S. proposals served a mutual interest, and the one novel that he considers to be a classic in the espionage thriller genre.