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Your Legacy: The Greatest Gift


Your Legacy: The Greatest Gift

Dr. James Dobson is the founder and president of Family Talk, a non-profit organization that produces his radio program, which is heard daily on 1,200 stations. Formerly of Focus on the Family, Dobson has spent the better part of his adult life creating a home base of resources for everything related to strengthening the family. He is the author of more than 50 books and has advised three U.S. presidents on matters pertaining to the preservation of the family, among many other notable accomplishments.

In this newest offering to his wide fan base, Dobson discusses the imperative choice to create a life that will leave a legacy that outlives one’s life. Dobson writes, “I have written many books in the past forty years, but OUR LEGACY is, I believe, the most significant. It provides the punctuation for all that has gone before.” With this foundational statement in mind, Dobson has thoughtfully written and prepared 13 different missives for parents to follow.

"YOUR LEGACY will provide just the right balance of inspiration and instruction for families across the globe who want to pass on their faith and create a legacy that will last into eternity."

In the first four chapters, Dobson offers readers the insider’s glimpse into his family’s history going back four generations. He talks about his great grandfather and the prayer that was pleaded for --- that for four generations, every member of the family would be Christian. Dobson threads that prayer through his family history and how his grandfather’s prayer was answered. Sure, there were a few who strayed and struggled for a time, but eventually, each member of the family turned to Jesus Christ.

After this dynamic opening, Dobson turns to specific topics at hand for leaving a legacy worth living and dying for. He discusses what faith means; describes his own spiritual journey; explains what apologetics for kids look like in real life, how to reach one’s prodigal sons and daughters, and how to reach one’s unsaved parents; describes the saga of hard life choices from two good men’s perspectives; offers a Q&A on spiritual training for children; and defines the deeper meaning of legacy.

Not content to simply close out his book with a strong mandate for developing and carrying out a lasting legacy, Dobson offers two Appendices for creating a strategy to build one’s legacy. This includes getting a Bible for everyone in the family; memorizing Scripture with your children; teaching the kids how to pray by example; taking advantage of time spent around the dinner table with good conversations; singing together through worship; connecting with a local church; passing on one’s faith; and helping children understand what praying to receive Christ means. In the second Appendix, Dobson brings in a children’s expert to tell stories that can be shared with youngsters to help them relate to spiritual language and teachings. Bobbie Wolgemuth does a lovely job communicating to children as peers rather than talking down to them. Her stories are written in such a way as to invite questions and participation with them.

Dr. Dobson loves the family, his own and everybody else’s. YOUR LEGACY will provide just the right balance of inspiration and instruction for families across the globe who want to pass on their faith and create a legacy that will last into eternity.

Reviewed by Michele Howe on September 19, 2014

Your Legacy: The Greatest Gift
by Dr. James Dobson