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The Safest Lies


The Safest Lies

In THE SAFEST LIES by Megan Miranda, Kelsey Thomas does not live a normal life for a teenage girl. The first thing Kelsey does when she walks into a room is look for possible exits. In order to get into her home, Kelsey has to type in a code and scan her fingerprint. Instead of going out on the weekends, Kelsey practices what to do in case of a home invasion. Kelsey and her mother have lived in fear for all of Kelsey’s life. It all began when her mother was abducted at age 17, the same age Kelsey is now. Jan, Mrs. Thomas’s counselor, is the only reason Kelsey has been allowed to remain in her mother’s custody. But Jan does not know all of the secrets Kelsey’s mom has been keeping --- at least, not until Kelsey and her mother’s home is broken into and her mom disappears.

“Megan Miranda writes suspense and mystery like no other author….THE SAFEST LIES was a wonderfully written novel with an...exciting plot.”

The police write off Mrs. Thomas’s disappearance, claiming that she was running from something, but Kelsey does not believe them. She knows her mother better than anyone else; she knows her mother would never leave the house willingly. But as her mother’s secrets come uncovered one by one, Kelsey begins questioning what her mother was truly capable of. One thing is for certain: Kelsey must uncover the mystery --- and fast. The intruders are still out there, watching and biding their time. Kelsey only hopes she can stop them before there is more collateral damage.
THE SAFEST LIES is a heart-racing, chilling novel that delves into the topic of fear and how it can control an individual. Megan Miranda does an excellent job of providing character development for Kelsey. She is very likable from the beginning as she is intelligent and says what she means in a blunt, honest way. At the beginning of the novel, Kelsey accepts what her mother tells her to do and even accepts a bit of her mother’s fear, letting it control her life. As the novel progresses, Kelsey begins to break out of the box that has been placed around her and proves that she can think for herself.
The cast of secondary characters is equally important to the plot line. Ryan Baker, a boy in Kelsey’s math class, provides more than romantic interest. He truly believes in Kelsey and her capabilities. The relationship between them is sweet without controlling the novel. Cole and Emma, Jan’s son and daughter, are seen as antagonists for much of the story. However, the reader can learn to appreciate the pair and even sympathize with them to an extent. Kelsey’s mother is easily the most intriguing character. For the majority of the novel, Mrs. Thomas’s past remains a mystery and readers will be dying to know what happened to her.
Megan Miranda writes suspense and mystery like no other author. Readers will get chills from reading her book, especially during the tense scenes. The plot progresses quickly, and there are no dull moments. THE SAFEST LIES was a wonderfully written novel with an alluring, but not overpowering, romance and an exciting plot. Fans of all different genres will find something to love about this book.

Reviewed by Kate F., Teen Board Member on May 23, 2016

The Safest Lies
by Megan Miranda