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The Fabrications

About the Book

The Fabrications

When Bloch, a popular London novelist, starts writing a fictionalized story featuring his unremarkable friend Oscar, the invented details from the story start to come true. Gradually, Oscar embarks on a surreal odyssey into fame, while Bloch descends into the dark places of his soul. Oscar falls in love with Najette, a bewitching painter, but their relationship hangs in the balance as his myth balloons out of all proportion. At the centre of the hype and spin stands the demon-like publicist Ryan Rees, whose power enables him to manufacture the truth, and the story builds to an unforgettable, startling climax.

THE FABRICATIONS is a novel possessing peculiar relevance to our tumultuous times. It addresses the myths of celebrity, the power of the internet and the media to disfigure and distort, and the madness of our culture, in which prophets, truths and legends can all be invented. Part satirical comedy;  part meditation on synchronicity, sex and identity; and part love story, THE FABRICATIONS is unclassifiably new, abandoning realism to create a strange parallel world. It is a wildly inventive work, with a vast canvas of dazzling, grotesque characters, and will take you on a compelling journey filled with pathos, humour and subversive beauty.

The Fabrications
by Baret Magarian

  • Publication Date: June 1, 2017
  • Genres: Fiction
  • Hardcover: 442 pages
  • Publisher: Pleasure Boat Studio
  • ISBN-10: 0912887494
  • ISBN-13: 9780912887494