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Dark Journey, Deep Grace: Jeffrey Dahmer’s Journey of Faith

About the Book

Dark Journey, Deep Grace: Jeffrey Dahmer’s Journey of Faith

The account of Jeffrey Dahmer, widely told in great detail, speaks of unimaginable depravity --- necrophilia, murder, dismemberment and cannibalism. A decade ago, the news of his unspeakable crimes shocked the world as the name of Jeffrey Dahmer became synonymous with twisted brutality and perversion. But we didn’t hear the whole story --- until now.

In prison, Dahmer’s dark journey crossed paths with deep grace. Though convicted and sentenced to 15 consecutive life sentences by the U.S. justice system, the most notorious serial killer of our time found mercy at the hand of God. On Tuesday, May 10, 1994, in a whirlpool in the Columbia Correctional Institution, Jeffrey Dahmer was baptized in the name of Jesus Christ by Roy Ratcliff.

DARK JOURNEY, DEEP GRACE: Jeffrey Dahmer’s Journey of Faith (Leafwood Publishers, November 2006) is told by this man who befriended him and ministered to him spiritually.  Ratcliff recounts how the man he called “Jeff” expressed extreme remorse for his actions, doubted he could be forgiven and even felt he should have been put to death for his crimes.  An unexpected story of Jeffrey’s first steps in the faith, of his surprising questions about the Bible and of light breaking into darkness, Roy Ratcliff’s witness of Jeffrey’s conversion will forever change what readers think they know about grace and true forgiveness.  

Confronting the skepticism that is so often the first reaction when someone who has been profoundly evil turns to Christianity, Ratcliff answers readers’ questions head on. Could salvation through Jesus be available to someone like Jeffrey Dahmer, despite his heinous acts?  Did Jesus really die for him too? Skillfully showing how far God can reach to save a soul, DARK JOURNEY, DEEP GRACE tells Jeffrey’s powerful story of a transformed life --- and the story of a God who is powerful enough to save even “the chief of sinners.”

“Jeff confessed to me his great remorse for his crimes.  He wished he could do something for the families of his victims to make it right, but there was nothing he could do.  He turned to God because there was no one else to turn to, but he showed great courage in his daring to ask the question, ‘Is heaven for me too?’  I think many people are resentful of him for asking that question.  But he dared to ask, and he dared to believe the answer.” 
Roy Ratcliff, Jeffrey Dahmer’s Memorial Service, December 2, 1994

Dark Journey, Deep Grace: Jeffrey Dahmer’s Journey of Faith
Roy Ratcliff, with Lindy Adams

  • Publication Date: June 1, 2006
  • Genres: Christian, Religion, Spirituality
  • Paperback: 176 pages
  • Publisher: Leafwood Publishers
  • ISBN-10: 0976779021
  • ISBN-13: 9780976779025