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It’s no secret that this past week has been real, real big for TV. “Game of Thrones” season eight premiered to 17.4 million viewers on Sunday night...the largest premiere in HBO history and the largest for the year in television. As expected, the show did not disappoint as we inch our way closer and closer to the culmination of the series. Warning: spoilers ahead. Jon Snow found out he’s snogging his aunt. Arya and Jon reunited for the first time since season one, and the episode wrapped up with Bran seeing Jaime, another reunion from season one, that is sure to lay a certain kind of groundwork for the rest of this season. I’ve been indulging in a few fan theories, reading up on Reddit forums, and I’m certain the hype is that much more exciting than the actual finale will be. Funny how that works.

One of the monumental moments in media is finally within sight: the premiere of season eight of HBO’s “Game of Thrones.” It feels like it has been years in the making, and that’s because it actually has been. The last episode of season seven hit screens on August 27, 2017, so it’s been nearly two years since we’ve gotten a good dose of Jon Snow. Naturally, the anticipation has been building for a while, and HBO is one of the best in the game (see what I did there) about ramping up excitement. I’ve been receiving daily texts from my dad about how I should “rest up” for S8E1, which debuts nationwide on Sunday April 14th at 9pm ET. The only other entertainment that gets him this pumped up is anything Star Wars, or when the “Springsteen on Broadway” special came to Netflix. #Dads, amirite?