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Chances are, if you live in America, you’re dealing with the frigid temperatures. Consider yourself very lucky if you’re in the midst of warmth. In New York, we’re in the low, single digits, which is not nearly as bad as other parts of the country. I’m doing the best I can to get through this, which means a lot of indoor activities and entertaining at home. Summer seems like an unattainable dream at this point.

Happy New Year! Happy Resolutions! Hopefully, you’re still sticking to them. Word on the street is that resolutions typically fail on or around January 17th, which was yesterday. So, if you’re still rocking your resolution(s) today, keep with it because you’ve made it over one of the beginning humps. Also, remember that it takes about three weeks for new habits/behaviors to really sink in and become a part of your routine. It’s a mind over matter sort of thing, and it only takes one person in a room of a hundred people to believe in you. So, make that person be you.