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Oh, sweet fall is finally here! The air is super crisp, I can finally wear jeans again, and I’m embracing all the fall activities like apple picking, eating copious amounts of squash and narrowing down Halloween costumes.

If this was the summer of the quick engagement, this is the autumn of the memoir. Not quite exactly the same...I know, but close enough. Real talk: this fresh, crispy-aired season is already giving me all the feels. There’s nothing like keeping your windows open at night (because you no longer need AC) to catch that cool breeze. And, finally being able to step out in jeans and a jacket (without sweat dripping head to toe) is getting me excited for all the new season has to offer. This includes, but is not limited to, lots and lots of hotly-anticipated new biographies finally hitting the shelves, new TV to catch and a handful of movies (some book-to-screen, some not) that have been on my radar in recent months.