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We're rolling into the absolute final dog days of summer. It’s been insanely hot in the Northeast, which has me wishing and waiting for the colder days ahead. Labor Day is right around the corner (which, no matter what the calendar says, marks the end of summer), and on the other side of that is beloved fall. I read somewhere recently that Starbucks is rolling out their infamous Pumpkin Spice Latte even earlier this year (August 28th, to be exact), which means fans across the country can rejoice and prep their palates. While I haven’t made it to the beach this year (I know, I know), maybe I can squeeze in a last-minute trip.

Summer is in its final stretch. It’s officially Leo season, Mercury is in retrograde and the longest total lunar eclipse of the century (read as: blood moon) is now behind us. Tomatoes are also at their finest this time of year, and AC units are on full blast around the clock. This also means you’ve got to get in your last few trips to the beach, eat all the salt water taffy and play all the boardwalk games. Most importantly, be sure to finish up your summer to-read list and start looking towards autumn releases.