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Today is the first day of one of the biggest conventions in the entertainment industry: San Diego Comic-Con. The SDCC is the OG comic-con, and initially kicked off in 1970 by a group of serious comic book, movie and science fiction fans. The one-day mini-con developed into a three-day affair (plus a Preview Night on Wednesday) that draws creators, writers, actors, producers and directors --- and nearly 130,000 attendees from all over the world. Comics, which were the original show draw, now stand in the shadows of the television and film industry.

Independence Day is only a handful of hours away. If you aren’t already on vacation, you’re probably headed there now. Or maybe you’ve decided to opt out this year and keep it low key, just dreaming about being beachside, sipping that frozen cocktail and blissfully turning the pages of your latest read. Fairly, with the holiday falling midweek this year, celebration plans can get kind of clunky --- I’m still working out mine. Impromptu BBQ on a rooftop somewhere in this concrete jungle or finally visit the Heavenly Bodies exhibit at the MET (which IS open and, I suspect, will not be entirely overtaken by tourists)? Only time will tell.