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The Winter Olympics came and went faster than Lindsey Vonn’s slalom run (too soon?). They were super fun while they lasted, providing endless entertainment and a number of impromptu gatherings with friends to watch. What’s better than lounging on your couch, throwing back a few brews, reveling in garish British sports commentators and realizing you’ll forget all of these incredible athletes by the next Winter Olympics? Yeah, pretty sure nothing else could be better. And, while I might forget the majority of these people, the Canadian figure skating dream team of Tessa Virtue and Scott Moir got me believing that true love is real, alive and so well.

For some, today is a very special day. For others, it’s just like every other day. Whether you’re celebrating Valentine’s Day or not, there’s no doubt a lot of things to love, and you should celebrate that love all day, every day.

For me, that love includes (but isn’t limited to) my family who loves me unconditionally, my friends who are always making me laugh, books that let me escape for just a couple hours, and, of course, movies that transport me to alternate realities. Add to that peanut butter + chocolate, Negronis, the “Stars --- They're Just Like Us!” section of Us Weekly (and all rag mags, for that matter), a self-indulgent day of some R+R and British humor, just to name a few more. Point is: today is the ultimate day to love yourself and to love all the things you love, whatever they may be. You do you.