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Someone once said: The times they are a-changin', and we couldn’t agree more. We’re currently transitioning from Halloween-mode to Thanksgiving-mode, which mostly just means we’re having turkey-shaped Pillsbury dough Amazon Primed over in bulk. But before we get too ahead of ourselves, we need to address the huge news from these past couple of weeks that Bob Dylan won the Nobel Prize. Controversial as the choice is, a musician winning the Nobel Prize in Literature is kind of a watershed moment for “minor” writers; who knows, maybe newsletter-writing will nab the honor next. It’s not like we’re already preparing our acceptance tweet or anything…

We’ve almost made it one-third of the way through fall, which means we have only one thing on our mind: Halloween. As usual, it’s creeping up on us fast and making us super anxious about pulling together our costumes. The countdown is real, and it’s on. Will we outdo ourselves from last year? Only Tom and our Instagram likes will tell. We’re predicting a lot of sexy Ken Bones and rare Pokémons among the dressed-up crowd this year...and we’re not complaining ;)