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In our opinion, fall’s been kind to us so far. We got minorly tripped up by that harvest moon and Brangelina’s (and Liev + Naomi’s) non-conscious uncoupling. The emotional fallout might be lasting longer than we originally hoped, but rest assured, we’re maintaining a reasonable level of sanity. And, despite the galactic shifts, we are all still the same astrological signs as we always were (although it was touch-and-go for Emily there for a hot second). Between our ever-changing universe and Bridget Jones’s new baby, we’re feeling like this fall is the one to beat.

It has come to our attention that fall is fast approaching. We’ve seen some ladies out and about recently rocking their wool dresses despite temps not really dipping below 75, but we feel you. We’re all sometimes guilty of jumping the gun on fall fashion because it is the best. God, it’s hard to type with these mittens on. Between Yeezy Season 4 and Nick Viall becoming the next #TheBachelor, there’s a lot of hope in these humid pre-autumnal days. It feels like just yesterday we were learning all we could about the summer solstice and now, we here.