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It doesn’t really feel like summertime until the Fourth of July weekend rolls out. So although technically it’s already been summer for 10 days (solstice, anyone?), sun’s out buns out doesn’t go into effect until this weekend, and we couldn’t be more pumped. What’s that saying? Long hair, don’t care? Count us in. We’re a baker’s dozen of Lime-A-Ritas away from some fun in the sun, some stellar firework oohing and ahhing, and some weird tan lines. And for those of us who are still working through our “Game of Thrones” withdrawal after last week’s killer season finale, the holiday couldn’t come at a better time. Here’s to making the weekend great again!

Big news this week!: Our mother site, Bookreporter, recently joined Pinterest, and we couldn’t be more pumped. So far, we have Carol Fitzgerald’s "Bets On" picks from 2009 to the present (she's the one who founded our network of book sites) and the books you can win in the ongoing Bookreporter Summer Reading feature. We’ll be developing more boards in the coming weeks, but in the meantime, we invite you to feast your eyes on some great books and their luscious covers.

We are officially, non-officially in summer. With #MDW behind us, we have the summer solstice, the Fourth of July and the Olympics to look forward to for the next few months...and this hot, hot heat. If you happen to live in NYC, or were visiting for the past weekend, you’d know we had quite the heatwave. Rest assured, the temps tamed down yesterday, and while we love any reason to drink a cold margarita...and read was a little too much, too soon. A reminder to all of you braving it along with us: hydrate, catch that A/C when you can and maybe pick up one of those little travel fans to beat the heat underground. We swear it’s fashionable streetwear these days.