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Can you believe it’s almost May?! Times flies when you’re waiting for your Formation tour date. Nikki's birthday was last week, and today her grandma turns 96! At nearly 100, she's still #FTD, rockin’ that tracksuit since the ‘80s. @champagnepapi could learn a thing or two (but we'll still swoon over his new album that dropped today!) Point is: We're all getting older by the minute as these months turn into years and years turn into decades. And as we gracefully approach our 30s, we're realizing that the things our parents and grandparents are always telling us sound less like “wisdom” (or wise-dumb) and more like actual wisdom. Suffice it to say, we could all learn a thing or two from our elders, life’s greatest teachers. Turns out, you really shouldn’t sit so close to the TV. Take it from two four-eyes (eight eyes?) over here.

We’re noticing a #trend in entertainment right now that we’re not super happy about. We saw it in Batman v Superman, and we’re about to see it in this week’s hot ticket, Captain America: Civil War, and later this month in The Huntsman. Friends are fighting everywhere we look. To put it mildly, the #team is turning on itself, and it’s not a great look for anybody. Sure, we can assume everyone kisses and makes up in the end (at least Ben and Henry do in our dreams), but the premise remains troubling. When did the villain stop being a casual outsider and rather someone from within? Listen, we may be getting a bit cynical in our old age, but we blame the studios for monetizing all this intra-squad beef. And Taylor Swift a little, too.