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There’s been quite a bit of shake-up in the social media sphere this week. First and foremost, a ton of people listened to the Kanye album, which means that they actually purchased Tidal. We had more faith in our compadres (read: millennials) than we realized. STOP ENABLING JAY Z, SHEEPLE. Secondly, and maybe more importantly, Instagram announced --- emphasis on announced because it hasn’t quite happened yet --- that they are making a change to our feeds. Politely put: People lost their sh*t and went slightly loco, even by current social media standards. Even @thefatjewish would agree that it was all a tad tasteless, and if we see one more “Turn On Post Notifications” gram, we might quit the whole thing and never look back. So let’s recap the whole fiasco so you’ll seem like a real expert in all of your group texts.

It’s no secret that this week is simultaneously everyone’s favorite and also the most hated of the year. Daylight savings means we’re getting longer hours of light in the evening, but we all lost an hour of sleep, which really did us in. In fact, we’re still feeling the effects. The upside is that those chill rays are giving us some much-needed vitamin D. Once we recover from this grogginess, we’re sure we’ll hit the streets fast and loose. Not to mention this unseasonably warm NYC weather --- no one tell Leo, but global warming is real. We hear street crime goes down during daylight savings time, so we have no more excuses for not getting out there and finding some spring hunnies. Spring got us #sprung, so to speak. (In the spirit of optimism, we are ignoring the snow predictions for Sunday into Monday!)