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Since we know you're super busy hanging your tinsel, planning your NYE plans and collecting various Star Wars paraphernalia like you're a kid again (Yoda PEZ, Tatooine snow globes, Chewbacca jumpsuits, etc.), we won't take up too much of your time. Really, we just want to say: May your holidays be as pleasant, relaxing and stress-free as you always hope them to be.
In typical holiday fashion, we're looking back on our year with fond memories. It was nearly a year ago that Paula Hawkins mesmerized us all with THE GIRL ON THE TRAIN, and now we're looking forward to the movie, slated for release in October 2016 and starring Emily Blunt and Justin Theroux. In early February, we gave you a roundup of all the ways to celebrate Valentine's Day on your own. We will forever tell you: Love thyself, the 11th commandment (wink wink). By mid-February, we couldn't get enough of the movie adaptation of FIFTY SHADES. Our love for Christian Grey may have died down slightly since then (no thanks to a lackluster performance from Jamie Dornan and an ill-advised Twitter fiasco #AskELJames), but we've stayed #loyal to Beyonce, Ellie Goulding, and all of the hits that came out of it.

Guess what? HOLIDAZE. We’re deep, deep into the craze of the season, and that means: leftover Hanukkah cookies in the office, Mariah Carey’s “All I Want for Christmas is You” on repeat, shorter days of sunlight, waiting for the first snowfall, gingerbread baes, December baes, December breakups, Carols caroling, ugly sweater parties (for better or for worse), eggnog hangovers, the Victoria’s Secret fashion show, this guy and basically a month-long Cyber Monday.