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We’re not quick to call ourselves holiday enthusiasts, but we’re not quite holiday bummers either. It’s nice to finally see a sibling or two, overindulge in some stuffing and the like, and, most importantly, to catch up on all the TV and movies we’ve missed over the past few weeks. How dare we let our TV-watching diligence slip!
In any case, just because we’re not all gung-ho about the festivities and prefer to laze around in our pajamas on the big turkey day doesn’t mean we aren’t thankful. We’re incredibly thankful --- for our families, our health, cashmere loungewear, and all of the beautiful men we get to see blown up on the big screen throughout the year. But seriously, sometimes it’s nice to participate in some annual self-reflection. We’re only sharing this with you, though; we don’t need everyone knowing what we’re grateful for.

If there’s one thing that we know a lot about, it’s movies. Well...books, too. But we’re certain that you’re gearing up to catch a flick or two this holiday season with your family, your hometown lover, or maybe just yourself, which is very 20SomethingReads approved --- we do it all the time. Like in years past, there’s a lot out there this holiday season. We know that it can be hard to choose, so we’re here. To help.