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Last week, we gave you a nice roundup of the scariest books we loved as kids. Our little throwback had us wondering if we should, in fact, participate in Halloween this year. Over the past few weeks, we’ve come up with unsatisfactory costume ideas that were immediately shot down. The perennial hype and indecision got us all caught up in the hoopla. In past years, we thrived off the ‘Ween hoopla, but this year was a little different. The endless questions of “What should we do? Where should we go?” bogged us down. The conclusion we came to: orchestrating fun is not easy. So we’re planning to be casual this year, which means we'll throw on an accessory or two and see where the night takes us (hopefully not to a monster hangover). One thing we'll never be casual about, though, is our candy consumption. We’re just gonna do us...with a twist.

Before its latest rebrand as Pumpkin Spice Month™, October was all Halloween, all the time. As little tykes, we were invested in scaring ourselves sh*tless at local haunted houses. As the leaves start to fall, we have one thing on our minds: fear. It’s everywhere, from your local haunted house to the trailers for horror movies that come on late at night when your lights are already out. While some may think these “fears” are childish, they’ve carried on throughout the years. We often choose to suppress them --- in lieu of everyday fears like paying bills and accidentally reading movie spoilers --- but they haven’t gone away. What better month to celebrate them than October? There isn’t one.