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Although it’s only been officially fall for about one week, the season is already in full swing. We may not be consuming pumpkin spice lattes like they’re the last drops of water on earth, but we completely understand the appeal (Confession: Nikki is eating pumpkin spice things in all of its other forms). We’ve broken out our leather jackets for chillier nights and stepped up our sock game, and we’re sleeping soundly with our windows open and finally with no AC on. While all these autumnal things are nice and dandy, the thing we care the most about right now is TV, TV and ummm...TV. And a movie or two.

Twice a year, New York gets blessed with a little thing called “Broadway Week.” For those of us who are all-things-entertainment-obsessed, it’s the perfect opportunity to put on our finest theater jewels and get our tushes to the grand stage. We went during this past winter and cried our eyes out at “The Phantom of the Opera,” and the soft-spot we have for le fantome only grew bigger and bigger. In fact, it’s still growing.