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If you know anything about us by now, you know that we’ve got love on our minds. Call us hopeless romantics or just call us #basic, but the point is...we’re not the only ones. We’re fairly convinced that 20somethings around the world are just like us. (That’s right, Mom, we are not special.) We understand that love doesn’t just come out of thin air, or show up on your doorstep like your online clothing purchases...which we happen to know a thing or two about. We know that sometimes you have to jump through hoops and hurdles just to get a little romance in your life, and that starts with dating.

Last week, we had a pretty intense brush with death. We were casually making our way back to the office after lunch, when the elevator abruptly stopped on the 10th floor and plummeted two flights. Our lives flashed before our eyes...and Nikki actually saw stars for a second. When we started to drop, we instinctively grabbed each other and held on for dear life. This very scary moment made us question: Who would you want to be stuck in a suspended elevator with? (Clear winner: Fassbender.) And then the obvious next question: Who do you love?