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We’re more than halfway through the summer, and we’ll be the first ones to admit we’ve had enough. We know that our readers are all over the country, but if you happen to be in the tri-state area, you can definitely commiserate with us. July has basically been one long heat wave, and there aren’t enough Fla-Vor-Ice freezer pops in the world to cool us off/make it worth it (and believe us, we’ve tried). Unrelated, does anyone have a pool or private beach they want to invite us to? We’ll bring leftover freezer pops --- and upcoming books.

The book world has been abuzz these last few months with news that Harper Lee’s previously unpublished manuscript, GO SET A WATCHMAN, is being released after 50+ years. Today is the big day, and we’ll finally get to see how Scout --- one of the coolest six-year-olds out there --- now called Jean Louise, thinks and acts as a 20something in the '50s. We’re taking the early reviews in stride, even though unedited prose and a racist Atticus sound less than ideal. The first chapter was released on Friday, along with the first chapter of the audiobook, narrated by Reese Witherspoon, who takes on an interesting Southern accent throughout. If you don’t plan to rush out today and buy it, read and listen here.