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Guess what, guys? Daylight Savings Time returns in less than two weeks! We can’t wait for that extra hour of daylight in the evening instead of the morning...unless you’ve been taking those D vitamins all winter, another dose of warm rays will do our bodies (and minds) good. It also means that spring is not as far off as it feels. And you know what spring means: a whole new season of books and TV! And, sure, spring flings or whatever.
Unfortunately, the time shift means we’re losing an hour of sleep, which will throw off all of our rhythms (for at least a week). On the bright side, we’ll finally have a good excuse to eat lunch before noon. Like bears coming out of hibernation, we’re emerging from the long snooze and we’re very hungry. Always. Before and after noon. Even right now.

Hohhhhly Moses! You’re all energetic this morning.

It’s time to address the giant slate elephant in the room: No, not Beck winning Album of the Year at the Grammys; we mean the Fifty Shades of Grey phenomenon, coming soon to a theater near you! Things have been building in anticipation of this release: first we got the trailer (they don’t call them “teasers” for nothing…), then we got Beyoncé’s new track (uh oh uh oh uh oh oh no no) and, most recently, the movie’s disastrous PR tour.