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Where did January go? It went by super fast, right along with the resolutions we semi-committed to with great fervor. And now we prep for February, which is a cold, cold month…if you don’t have an SO. We’re still standing after the wild nor’easter Juno “wrecked” NYC, which means that we’re pretty much guaranteed to make it to Valentine’s Day. OH JOY. As in years past, we’re not taking this holiday too seriously. Our baes (and Hallmark) can take it seriously enough for the both of us. Even if your love triangle only includes Me, Myself, and I this season, there are plenty of reasons to celebrate love next month. So whether or not you’re party hardy, here are a few suggestions for all of you who plan to #yolo solo.

Although it seems like decades ago, it would be impolite for us to not wish all of our readers a happy new year! So, Happy New Year. May your resolutions be long-lasting. (Nikki’s holding her breath until the gym crowd thins out in the first week of February). Amen.