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If we know anything about Thanksgiving and tradition, it's that these things are synonymous with each other. It really should be called Traditionsiving or Thanksadition...or any variation that you see fit. When this time of year rolls around, it not only reminds us of past Thanksgivings, but of all of the things we are thankful for since the last time we thought about all the things we were thankful for. That’s a lot of things. Like Albert Einstein always used to say: (traditions become traditions)/time.

So, in time-honored Thanksgiving tradition at 20SomethingReads, we're sharing with you the 20 somethings we’re thankful for over the past year in our busy 20Something lives.

Today, we are feeling a bit sentimental. It’s our first official day without one of our courageous comrades, Eric P. Rhodes. He was Director of Web Design for the Authors on the Web side of The Book Report Network and also the guy who oversaw the development of the redesign/development of all seven of our editorial sites, which took four years! After eight long and interesting years, Eric is moving on, and gooooood lord we are going to miss him and his stunning beard --- Movember who?