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As you loyal 20Something newsletter readers know, we’re constantly looking for things to love --- people, places, outfits, burritos, listicles, Channing Tatum vids, etc. So you won’t be surprised when we tell you we spent our lunch break answering OKCupid questions --- obviously to increase our match percentage, but also because it’s fun and we learn new things about ourselves. For example (FUN FACT™ alert!): Both of us chose fall as our favorite season! Which is perfect timing, as the summer is on its last suntanned legs.

We’ve been dreaming about an endless summer. Oy Bey. While we aren’t at the end of summer quite yet…there’s a handful of things that will come to an end as the summer fades away. Importantly, the longer days are getting shorter. More importantly, the final days of the summer mark the end of the #OnTheRun tour (and possibly the end of J + B as the world has come to love their love). Most importantly, one of our mutually favorite HBO shows, “True Blood,” will come to a dramatic series close in the upcoming weeks. We feel particularly devoted to this specific series, kind of the way we felt with “Breaking Bad,” but all good things must come to an end.