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We’re on the verge of something bright and beautiful. It begins on Saturday and we’ve been looking forward to it since it went away so many long, cold and dreary months ago. Did someone say summer solstice? That’s right. Summer officially begins this coming Saturday and that means so many things to so many different people. For us, it means these following things: BBQs, rooftop BBQs, popsicles, light beach reading, selfies, selfies while eating popsicles, selfies while doing light beach reading on the beach, and travel size deodorant (we’re all human here, right?).
We weren’t kidding around last time when we said that our social lives were at an all-time high. They may even be at a lifetime peak...the only way to go from here is down --- we’re on a roller coaster that’s only going down.
Last week was the "ultimate" annual event of the publishing world --- the gathering that we all look forward to so dearly throughout the year --- BookExpo America, a.k.a BEA. BEA is a time when all the big-time and small, independent publishers, booksellers, librarians and bloggers come together to share their products and discuss the current book marketplace. We were lucky enough to spend three glorious days inside the inconveniently located Javits Convention Center, gasping for fresh air and waiting in long (and getting longer) women’s bathroom lines.