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It goes without saying by now that we are major TV junkies. Maybe we’ve written a newsletter or two or 10 about our current faves. And like the Jo Marches and Dan Humphreys of the world, we’re writing what we know. This week something weird happened, though: We’re usually on the same page (screen?) when it comes to what we’re watching, but recently we’ve been finding ourselves obsessing about TWO DIFFERENT SHOWS. Crazy, right? But before you panic and call our parents to make sure we’re taking our vitamins, we should tell you that although the shows we’re watching are entirely different, they’re not entirely different.

If you’ve been plugged into the 20Something cultural airwaves these past couple of months, you may have picked up some strong signals about this new “trend” --- or “anti-trend” if we may --- called normcore*. What is normcore you ask? We asked ourselves the same thing when we’d only heard the word abuzz in the Twitter-sphere (and backlash in our own social circles). So we did what any sweet, inquisitive 20Somethings would do: We googled the s%&! out of it. Take notes, Rust Cohle, we’re the true detectives here. It seemed like the trend was to write about normcore so we jumped on that non-brandwagon. How normcore are we?!

*The “n” isn’t even capitalized --- we don’t want any letters standing out. See what we did there? Don’t worry, you will.