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Move over J. Law, America’s got a new sweetheart and she backs the oil-pulling trend*. Like a spring chicken hatching out of its shell for the first time (see what we did there?), Shailene is all over the news (we mean, E! News!) right now. From her breakout role in the George Clooney-helmed THE DESCENDANTS to her current starring turn in box office hit DIVERGENT, Shailene is hotter than the Kimye Vogue cover right now (but not as hot as the Frogen cover, amirite ladies?!!!) The theatrical adaptation of Veronica Roth’s bestselling YA series debuted on the silver screen last weekend to rave reviews.

Not to kick off this season with the most cliché phrase, but spring is f*$%ing here...and obviously we couldn’t be more excited. Spring means a lot of things to a lot of different people, but here are some of the things about the season that put a spring in our step: warmer weather (shining sun, longer days, casual breeze); more opportunities (excuses!) to consume ice cream, frozen yogurt and all other cold culinary delights; dresses without tights (!), open-toed shoes, linen suits, how dare we go coatless; the wonderful amount of wonderful, new books being released in the wonderful upcoming months, getting piled onto our to-read list for those even more wonderful, warmer days to come at the beach; for all you college kids it means spring break (where’s a Jerry Springer joke when you need one? #YOLO); and the thing that we are most looking forward to --- come on, do we even need to say it --- spring flings!