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As much as we LOVE February, we’re kind of relieved to be leaving it behind on Saturday. Snowstorms or not, March means spring is not just an almost-forgotten memory in our frosty brains --- it’s a real thing that’s right around the corner. This gets a further boost in the right direction when Daylight Savings Time kicks in on March 9th, which is well worth losing an hour of sleep!

Finally, we get to talk about one of our all-time favorite things --- LOVE. We're in love with love! Well, maybe not exactly --- but we’re definitely in love with talking about love! Can’t you just feel our enthusiasm seeping through the screen?! Maybe another exclamation point would help! Anyway, Valentine’s Day is right around the corner (just follow the rose petals…), and whether you’re in a relationship or not, there’s plenty to celebrate this February 14th. Especially if the celebration involves chocolate.