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With almost 20Something days of January under our (faux) fur-lined belts, we can safely say that 2014 is pretty tame so far. January is never the flashiest month, despite celebrities doing their awards-show best to keep us entertained. There isn’t really much to speak of, except, of course, the Grammys. Following suit (and tie) from our last newsletter, here are some Grammy highlights that had our ears ringing:
Beyoncé and Jay Z: Mr. and Mrs. Carter, making monogamy look better than ever. Surfbort. Surfbort.
Lorde’s nails: Not only is she 17 years old and a multi Grammy-winning singer, but her waxy manicure was one of the weirdest and coolest things we saw all night. Definitely nails fit for a Lady(e).

2014. New beginnings, new you. That seems to be the trend of each passing year, right? The clock strikes midnight, and all of sudden you’re giving up sugar (and for Emily, diet coke!), you’re hitting the gym, you’re calling your grandparents more, you’re vowing to read more and you’re officially declaring that this is the year of YOU. There’s one (dreaded) word to describe this: RESOLUTIONS.