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We’re wrapping things up at the office before we all head off to our respective holiday celebration destinations. For some of us, that means flying off into the warm West Coast sunset (see ya soon, mom and dad! xoxo, Nikki). For others, it means staying in the frigid cold of New York City (Emily’s not happy about this --- at least she’ll be around to see Miley Cyrus in Times Square, and when there’s a ball involved…). But no matter where you’ll be, the holidays are a time for sipping champagne, stuffing our faces with peppermint bark brownies, reading and binge-watching Netflix. So...basically the holidays are a day-after-day repeat of a regular Wednesday night!

‘Tis the season to spend the next three weeks standing under mistletoe. We aren’t joking; we both planted ourselves under the mistletoe at the holiday parties we attended on Friday night. We remain confident that if we hit the mistletoe mark at each party, we will find our next boyfriends!