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Pass the pepppppppppa, please. When you're caught like a deer in the headlights at the dinner table next Thursday because your dad is asking you how your Halloween night went (and we all know your night is not, cough cough, dinner-time, family-time appropriate), we've got a joke on hand to deflect the interrogation: What does the turkey say? Try the veal!

We’re bouncing from holiday to holiday this time of year. Now that Halloween is over (and, lucky for you, our window to write Halloween-themed newsletters), we’re getting right into our Thanksgiving spirit --- let’s just say our fingers are all marked up from all those hand-drawn Turkeys. Thanksgiving Thursday will bring plenty of traditions (on top of the ever-important virtual throwback there will be live throwbacks), which may or may not involve the following: sibling rivalry, sibling revelry, American football, lots of different kinds of potatoes (mashed, baked, scalloped, sweet, Fingerling, Red Bliss with skin on, Red Bliss with skin off) and pumpkin pie, apple pie and something we call "meta pie" (3.14ths of all the pies). Tis the season for seasoning, and it’s safe to say that Thanksgiving can be done a tur-trillion ways.