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Not only is this coming Thursday a day to throwback...or to be’s also Halloween! We’ve been planning for this “holiday” for months...pretty much since November 1st of last year. We know this is our second Halloween-themed newsletter, but we love it so much we couldn’t help ourselves. Let’s be real, here --- aren’t holidays just an excuse to overindulge? We like to think so. So, like a kid with a Trick-or-Treat bag full of Kit Kats, we’re going all in with this one. It’s safe to say, we’re not the only ones feeling the Halloween spirit (see what we did there?). 20Somethings are notoriously good at getting in on the fun --- and we’re not just talking about all the BOO-ze. From clever costumes to compulsive party-hopping, there are plenty of ways to celebrate. But while you’re willfully getting caught up in a web of excitement, it’s important to beware of the scariest part of holiday enthusiasm...expectations. Dun, dun, dun.

It’s that time of year again. October is when we reflect on some of the best, worst (...and, cough cough, inappropriate) Halloween costumes we’ve had throughout the years. Some would say we peaked in the costume creativity department during our college years --- what do they call it? Throwback early twenties? (Editorial note: You don’t even want to know the monsters we became for a night. Katy Perry. Alex from A CLOCKWORK ORANGE. Diet Coke. Siri.) So when autumn rolled around this year, we couldn’t help but spend a lunch break or two (read: every lunch break since October began) bouncing costume ideas off of each other.

We're celebrating the first of October over here, and that means many things. The most obvious? The autumn equinox (which means shorter days and longer nights --- ow ow!), Oktoberfest and, the one that stands out above the rest, the end of “Breaking Bad.” We really “broke” it down in our last newsletter, listing some reasons why this epic show resonated with 20Somethings. Basically, we all have a little Walter White in us, minus the whole meth thing.