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One of the worst things about growing up, and about post-college life in general, is obligations … things like paying your own rent, doing laundry (too soon to TBT?), TAXES, getting to work on time or listening to your best friend go on and on about his/her dating disasters. But worst of all is the dreaded jury duty (editorial note: More like jury doodie!). No matter how many times you lie about all the vacations “you’re going on” or all the “vacations” you’re going on, you’re always tied to the ol’ governmental ball and chain. Nikki has jury duty tomorrow and it has made for one insane week, trying to get all her emails sent, website content updated, getting this newsletter delivered to your inboxes --- basically getting all of her ducks in a row in three days instead of five. With any luck, it won’t last longer than two days (fingers crossed, prayers across the board) and she’ll return to the office a free woman on Monday. If she gets on a trial, all bets are off!

Hope you all had a great holiday weekend (which seems like it happened a month ago) and reveled in all kinds of personal liberties.

We're not proud of it, but we took advantage of America's greatest freedom --- being lazy bums (Nikki has the sunburn to prove it). Since then, we've been getting creative as we brave the current heatwave in NYC: eating plenty of popsicles, seeing as many movies as we can afford and chilling in the fan section of Bed Bath & Beyond (email Emily for an uptown-to-downtown map of all the AC hotspots in NYC). If this keeps up, we may even consider bowling.