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I hit a 20Something personal low last week, and it has to do with laundry. I must confess that I do my laundry once every two weeks. Actually, that's a healthy's more like once a month. I think it's safe to say that doing laundry is at the bottom of the TO DO list for almost every 20Something. With summer finally here, I can easily name 50 other things I'd rather be doing. 

When I wrote one of my first 10-page papers freshman year of college, it was a daunting task. I remember it vividly as I got a measly “B,” no plus and no minus and not the “A” I was used to. Why? I had included two clichés. My professor told me to avoid clichés in theoretical writing at all costs and after that, I steered clear of them. I understand now why he was so stern in his dislike of clichés --- it instantly downplays the strength and originality of your argument. Luckily, I graduated, am no longer required to write theoretical papers…and so I am finally “free” to use clichés.