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Tom Bouman


Tom Bouman

Tom Bouman’s first book, DRY BONES IN THE VALLEY, won the 2015 Edgar Award for Best First Novel and a Los Angeles Times Book Prize. He lives in upstate New York.

Photo Credit: © Lesli Van Zandbergen

Tom Bouman

Books by Tom Bouman

by Tom Bouman - Fiction, Mystery

In Wild Thyme, Pennsylvania, summer has brought Officer Henry Farrell nothing but trouble. Heroin has arrived with a surge in burglaries and other crime. When local carpenter Kevin O’Keeffe admits that he shot a man and that his girlfriend, Penny, is missing, the search leads the small-town cop to an industrial vice district across state lines that has already ensnared more than one of his neighbors. With the patience of a hunter, Farrell ventures into a world of shadow beyond the fields and forests of home.

by Tom Bouman - Fiction, Suspense, Thriller

The lone policeman in a small township on the sparse northern border, Henry Farrell has watched the steady encroachment of gas drilling bring new wealth and erode neighborly trust. The drug trade is pushing heroin into the territory, and outlaws are cooking meth in the woods. When a stranger turns up dead, Henry’s search for the killer will open old wounds, dredge up ancient crimes, and exact a deadly price.