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Jane Leavy


Jane Leavy

Jane Leavy

Books by Jane Leavy

by Jane Leavy - Biography, Sports

In THE BIG FELLA, acclaimed biographer Jane Leavy recreates Babe Ruth’s 21-day victory lap across America after hitting his 60th home run in September 1967, and in doing so she captures the romp and the pathos that defined Ruth’s life and times. Drawing from more than 250 interviews, a trove of previously untapped documents and Ruth family records, Leavy breaks through the mythology that has obscured the legend and delivers the man.

by Jane Leavy - Biography, Nonfiction


Meticulously reported and elegantly written, THE LAST BOY is a baseball tapestry that weaves together episodes from Jane Leavy’s weekend with The Mick after he was banned from baseball, with reminiscences about the boy from Commerce, Oklahoma.